2010 was incredible. There were a lot of new discoveries. There are only a couple of albums from artists that I was already familiar with. Some of those new discoveries have now become some of my favorite albums, and that led to backtracking among some of those artists. Menomena and Deerhunter have worked there way up the ranks among some of my favorite bands. Until Sufjan released his transcendent, mind blowing, collection of songs, I was sure that The National would claim the title of album of the year. While getting the short end of the stick in that regard they probably deserve artist of the year. It wasn’t until after listening to High Violet that I went on to listen to Boxer and Alligator, which are also incredible albums and have probably moved those guys into my top ten artists. It was a great year for music.

The Best of the Year:

1. Sufjan Stevens- Age of Adz

2. The National- High Violet

3. The Dillinger Escape Plan- Option Paralysis

4. The Tallest Man on Earth- The Wild Hunt

5. Janelle Monae- The Archandroid (Suites II and III of IV)

6. Deerhunter- Halcyon Digest

7. Menomena- Mines

8. Daniel Bjarnason- Processions

9. Foxy Shazam- Foxy Shazam

10. Jonsi- Go

11. Mountain Man- Made in the Harbour

12. Taylor Swift- Speak Now

13. Broken Bells- Broken Bells

14. Coheed & Cambria- Year of the Black Rainbow

15. Circa Survive- Blue Sky Noise

16. Sufjan Stevens- All Delighted People EP

The Flops:

LCD Soundsystem- This is Happening

Arcade Fire- The Suburbs

Girl Talk- All Day

Looking Back     |     Looking Forward


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