The Biggest Release this year

It was just announced the beginning of this week, and sent the music scene into a frenzy.  Just the thought of it kept distracting me all week. Yesterday morning I was working in the computer labs and just decided to check on it’s status before studying for my math test. You know, just to make sure it wasn’t a dream and what not. Well much to my surprise ol’ Yorke and the gang had already released it for download instead of waiting another day as previously announced, and then all thoughts of math left my head. What test? There is a music video of Thom just dancing around like a psycho for five minutes (I only watched about three times in the next hour). I had to suffer through a math test and all the rest of my classes before I finally got to listen to this in full. I’m listening to it right now in fact, and it’s excellent. I agree with a lot of people in saying that this album is a lot more like Amnesiac and Hail to the Thief. Whereas intuitively you’d think it would be more similar to In Rainbows because that was their most recent release. But King of Limbs is full of all the electronic sounds. Despite the sounds being the most inhuman and distant the feel on this album is the exact opposite. With The King of Limbs I don’t know if Radiohead has ever felt more human and relate-able. There aren’t any tracks that really stand out although I’m fairly partial to “Codex” and it’s amazing piano. “Lotus Flower” is also great. Listening to it I just want to get up and copy Yorke’s dance, and I think that it’s mostly from watching the video rather than from the music. The rest of the album just washes over me and soothes my soul. It’s very laid back. In any case this is Radiohead doing what they do best, defying all convention and making some awesome music, and it will be on heavy rotation for the rest of the year.


One response to “The Biggest Release this year

  • Kenyan

    I know the last thing the internet needs is another post/review about the new readiohead album, but it was fairly easy to write about and got my blog started. I’ll be more diverse later on.

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