Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beard!

Sam Beam (Iron & Wine) is commonly credited with the most epic beard in music, and it is a fantastic beard, but the truth needs to be heard. Just take a look at William Fitzsimmons here. After watching this video I’ll think you’ll join my persuasion and realize that Fitzy is king beard, but before I change subjects I want to give an honorable mention to Kyp Malone.

Moving on. As important as beards are that’s not really what this post is about. I think it’s more important that Fitzsimmons’ music be heard. With whispered vocals, reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens and Sam Beam, his acoustic guitar, and his fantastic song-writing skills, this man makes some incredibly beautiful music. I love his debut Until When We Are Ghosts, it stands as one of the saddest records ever and it blows me away every time I listen to it.

Fitzy is releasing a new album next month, Gold in the Shadow, and it’s got me all excited. I’d been a little disappointed with The Sparrow and The Crow. I’m not sure what it was exactly about that album, but after the first half, which is really good, I got worn out. From the songs up on youtube and other clips I’ve heard from his upcoming release he seems back on the top of his game. His sound has expanded from just his guitar to add in horns, bells, piano, and all manner of goodness.

I find this promo video especially interesting as he talks about his emotional state while touring and writing and everything else that went along with being a performer. For all of my friends in the music therapy major, I’m pretty sure a couple of you are in it,  it seems from this video that Fitzy is also one or at least very interested in the subject. He uses some great words and seems like a pretty intelligent guy, not that that really has anything to do with anything.

Anyway, just watch the video and get as excited for this album as I am.


One response to “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beard!

  • Kenyan

    Ha, I just found a link to a new TV on the Radio (Kyp Malones band) song right after I posted this. Looks like they’re releasing an album in April. Oh, man this is going to be a good year in music.

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