Portugal. The Man at Club Sound

Portugal. The Man with their alt/indie rock, that can at times have a classic rock feel, bring the heat with their live show. Which they did, quite effectively Friday night. And although the concert ended earlier than any other concert I’ve been to, apparently there was another concert afterwards, when I strolled out of Club Sound around 9:30 I was totally satisfied. Well, almost.

The one and only opening band, Quiet Life, was great. They are just 4 Springsteen fans from Portland who just play some rocking country blues. The show was in the smaller half of In The Venue, which is always fun, because we just watched the steel guitarist shred that lap ornament from an arm’s length away. These guys got in their groove and you couldn’t help but clap and stomp along. They were good performers and a lot of fun.

The transition between Quiet Life and Portugal. The Man went really smoothly and only took about ten minutes or so. That could be some kind of record. Somebody should probably look into that. The point being we didn’t have to wait long  to be washed over by the sound that is Portugal. The Man. They started of with a couple of their slower tracks. Do You among them, but it wasn’t long before things got moving.

Most of the concerts I’ve been to have little to no special effects, and twice now Portugal have shown me what is so awesome about a fog machine and a few lasers. It creates a pretty cool atmosphere and gives you a little more to take in than just their sound. Unlike the last time I saw these guys,  John Gourley playing on his ginormous guitar was not just a shadowy figure behind the fog, just a skinny dude behind a freakishly large guitar, I mean really just look at that thing, it’s a big as he is.

Some of my favorite songs were, “The Home”, which is so fun to just shout along, “I will make my home here.” “People Say” was probably overall the crowd favorite, I think everybody was singing along. I also really enjoyed “AKA M80 The Wolf”, which they played during the encore, and it might have been my favorite of the whole set. Their live version of that song multiplies the awesomeness by a factor of no less than seven. They also played two or three new songs from their upcoming album, and with that they left me completely satisfied. Except I still wished they would have played Chicago.


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