What your community can do for you.

Who knew? Not only at your local library can you check out books, but movies and music are there also for your entertainment. I don’t know how much I trust the Logan library to satisfy my movie needs, I think netflix is all anyone really needs. On the music side however, I’ve been a bit surprised. My roommate Brennan and I got library cards a week ago, it was spring break and we needed some books to read. Well, who’d of thunk that one library card allows you to check out twenty-five items. That number baffled me, but as we were filling out our application for a card, there were a lot of mom’s checking out and returning huge stacks of kids books, with a few movies scattered in here and there. Now it might be different for small children, but I find it really tedious to read multiple books at a time. Two is manageable, three is still doable, but getting ridiculous, and I would probably keel over at the attempt to try and read twenty-five books at a time. So what is one to do with all these other items available to check out. As you might be able to guess we decided to peruse through their music section.

What and idea that was. So good in fact that we put books behind us, and after twenty minutes or so, we promptly walked out of there with fifty albums between us. It was interesting to see what kind of music the library had. I remember seeing a lot of Bette Midler, some 98 Degrees, a ton of Celtic music, and among other works that have been hugely beneficial to society, we found a lot of cool stuff.  The library had a couple of Sigur Ros albums, a Wolf Parade album, they had the Beach Boys, The Beattles, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Norah Jones, etc, etc… We eventually started grabbing anything that remotely looked interesting that we’d heard of before. I grabbed some Genesis, and The Bryds, while under the impression that it was notable classic/progressive rock. I grabbed Kayne West and Jay-Z thinking I might find a song or two that is cool. Laura Marling… I’ve heard that name before, why not? A lot of this stuff just kept getting pushed farther and farther down the list of things to check out as the hype for other albums made them seem more appealing. Now that these albums were available to us for free, it’s basically our duty to at least give them a chance. We found some stuff at the tops of our lists as well, Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks is an album I’ve been trying to track down for a while, and now it’s sitting pretty on the list of albums I need to listen to. Which has really gotten backed up, as if it wasn’t already backed up.

The library also had a lot of classical and a lot of jazz, and it just so happens that this semester Brennan is in a class studying classical, and I’m in a history of jazz class. Can you say Duke Ellington, Dizzie Gillispie, Fletcher Henderson, Bix Beiderbecke, and a bunch of classical I can’t remember the names of? Could you imagine what a library in a bigger community might have? Just thinking about it gets me all excited. We’ve already scored a hundred albums from just the Logan library. Did I mention that we made our second trip yesterday? It might be a bit ridiculous, but there is a very cool feeling walking out of the library with a stack of twenty-five albums and everybody looking at you weird. The point being, is that you should take some time to see what your library has to offer you. If you’re in Logan and looking for music though, you might not want to bother for a few more weeks because we’ve probably got anything you might be interested in.


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