Girl Talk

“Hey Kenyan, have you heard Girl Talk? Well you will by the end of the night.” My co-worker tells me as we start to close down the restaurant. I had heard or them, or at least the name sounded familiar to me, but it turns out I was mixing Girl Talk up with Girls. So expecting some sort of indie rock I was a bit taken back when some hip hop started blasting out of the speakers. I know I had read about these guys before, and my mind had pictured some skinny white kids, but I could not match that mental picture to what I was listening to.

The first couple of tracks I remember featured some guy rapping, and it wasn’t bad. I can handle some rap, and it was decent. Nothing was really standing out to me until about the third track in or so when I heard Beyonce. Then I started thinking this guy must be a bit bigger than I thought to get Beyonce to guest star on one of his songs. Then things came together in my head, on the next track which also featured Beyonce, but this was a song I had heard before. “All the Single Ladies,” and then I knew. He was a mashup artist. Girl Talk was just the brain creation of a skinny white guy. Now here is where I get straight with you people. I’ve always been hard on remix’s and cover’s and all that stuff. Sometimes they can yield good results, but I always seem to think that the original is better, and this new trend of mashups I dislike even more.

I tried to keep my mind open though. I tried to find moments I appreciated. I failed. There was that moment were some really cool music was being sampled with somebody rapping over top of the music, and I was intrigued wondering what the music was. It was familiar, and when it finally clicked that it was Portishead, I just wanted to listen to Dummy. There were some other interesting choices in the mixes. Radiohead’s Creep was the background for who I could only assume was Ol’ Dirty Bastard with his one of a kind warbly rapping. Cream’s classic rock was also sampled, some Black Sabbath, and I think some Doors. He kept it varied for sure, but it didn’t do much to easy my bigotry towards this scene.

In my mind, this is exactly the same as a mindless action movie. Explosions, and shootouts, the plot doesn’t matter, the acting doesn’t matter, because there’s explosions, its cool. There’s a lot going on,  it’s so dense (Star Wars Prequels and their c.g.i.). There’s no real mood to the album besides trying to get everyone to jump up and down to whatever happens to be their favorite genre, classic rock, hip-hop or rap. It would be great for a dance party, but parties like that have never really been my thing. I think a lot of people out there that would enjoy the heck out of this stuff. By the end of the night I’d listened to Girl Talk’s All Day album, I’d heard all I’d wanted to hear after fifteen minutes, and it just helped me reaffirm the fact that I’d rather not listen to this, ever.


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