Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.

TV on the Radio made a movie of their new album Nine Types of Light. I want to talk about it

Nine Types of Light was released a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t actually purchased this album yet and I would partly blame that on this video considering it contains the whole album. Then a little over a week after this release Gerard Smith, the bassist, passed away due to lung cancer. Needless to say I was incredibly shocked as I’m sure almost all their fans were. That alone changed my feelings towards this music. It makes me feel like I need to appreciate it more and I don’t think that will be hard to do.

The songs they’ve crafted here seem more heartfelt than their past works, and by past works I mean Return to Cookie Mountain because I have yet to listen to Dear Science. “Will Do,” the lead single, is a perfect example of this. The song in conjunction with the music video seems to be themed around love lost and it is just packed with emotion. This somber tone doesn’t permeate through the whole album as there is a pretty large range of moods,”Caffeinated Consciousness” and “No Future Shock” are both pretty upbeat and will make you want to move.

I’m curious as to whether or not the members of the band knew Gerard’s passing was coming so soon. Maybe the lung cancer snuck up on him, maybe he’s known for months? I certainly will never know, but I just find it so interesting that they released this album so soon before he left this world. Not only that but they were touring, they have shows scheduled all through the summer. The tour started a week before the album was released and during the last have their going in to international territories; Mexico, Poland, Spain, France, the UK. They cancelled five or six shows to have a couple of weeks to care of all the things you need to when the bassist of your band dies. The way things were scheduled it makes me think that this was how Gerard wanted to go; making new music and playing shows for their fans. Unless this was as unexpected by the band as is was for me, but then I have a hard time believing that all you need is a few weeks to find a new bassist and continue on to a world tour. I like to think that he did pass away amidst doing all that he loved to do, and I hope we could all be so lucky. Not that dieing of lung cancer is lucky, I’m sure that was horrible and painful, but at least he got to go out with a bang.

I know an hour is a long movie to squeeze in to your jam packed days, but if you get the chance check it out. It starts out with a panel of people discussing dreams. It’s strange at first, but they discuss some interesting ideas. They appear a couple more times and talk about relationships, and the afterlife, and all those big question topics. “Caffeinated Consciousness” is the first track on the movie, and I really dig the music video for that with all it’s bright colors and oddly costumed characters. “Will Do” appears about 25 minutes into it and if your not going to watch the whole movie which I can’t blame you, look up this music vid on youtube, it’s a fantastic first single for this album.

RIP Gerard Smith.


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