The Dodos 6/1/2011 @ The Urban Lounge

It was another great show at The Urban Lounge on Wednesday. This night featured White Denim and The Dodos. White Denim was our opening band and they were fun.  They are a quartet from Austin Texas, and they play rock. Sure it might have a bit of a southern country tinge at times, and there was a  lot of jam rock in their sound, but at their very core they were just a group of rockers from Texas. They had some interesting guitar riffs and creative drumming, and played a good show overall. I got a little worn out by them after a while. Almost all the songs they played were up tempo, I remember one slow song they played toward the beginning which was good, it gave us a chance to actually hear the singers voice, the rest of the night he was drowned out by everything else. On that slower song they reminded me a bit of Portugal. The Man, which is a pretty good thing to remind me of. Another thing that probably led me to getting worn out a bit was the song lengths. I hadn’t listened to them before this night so I can’t say for sure, but I doubt that all their songs were the 8… 9… 10 minute epics that they played for us. Their songs would change themes a couple times, and you couldn’t be sure that it was a new song or the same song because they never stopped playing. Then when you add a few solos I inevitably would lose interest. Despite all that they put on an enjoyable performance.

I was really excited for the dodos to come on. I saw them last summer at the Twilight Concert Series and it was a great show, and they treated us to another great show this summer. In the space of that year a lot has changed for The Dodos. Last year they had a vibraphonist playing with them and now we have a second guitarist. I don’t think the vibraphonist was ever an official band member, and I don’t know if this second guitarist made band member status either, but as long as we have that dynamic duo of Long and Kroeber it’s not too big of a deal. That second guitarist didn’t seem to do much anyway, he stood there on the far side of the stage and played his stuff and stayed pretty quite. The Dodos also released their new album No Color back in March so they got to add a few new songs to their répetoire. This time around Long just played on electric guitars as opposed to last year were I seem to remember him playing mostly on an acoustic. Last year long also around a bit on a trombone as a buildup to a song, and I was a little disapointed when I didn’t see the trombone this time around.

But, like I said earlier, as long as our dynamic duo remains the same there shouldn’t be any problems. Luckily for us Kroeber set up the same unique drum set, with no kick drum, and that tambourine on his shoe. Long played in that same syncopated finger-picking style, and I couldn’t help but move to the music. They opened with “Good,” and then played “Black Night.” I love the odd rhythms these guys have, it might make it difficult to tap your foot to, but it is incredibly interesting and entertaining to me. I really enjoyed watching these two. They ended up playing a good majority of the songs of f of their new record. “Don’t try and Hide It,” “Sleep,” and “Companions” are the ones I can remember for sure that they played. They also played a few songs each from Time to Die and Visiter. Long had a great intro into “The Season,” which just might be my favorite song of theirs, using his peddle to layer his guitar recording and looping little riffs to just add to the big buildup that that song is. It was probably the highlight of the show for me. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything these guys have put out and hope they keep coming up with fresh new things to release, and keep touring, because I’m always ready to take in some more Dodo Bird.


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