Halfway Through

Well, 2011 is now starting to wane. There’s been a lot of good things happening so far. Although, by this time last year High Violet, The ArchAndroid, The Wild Hunt, Option Paralysis which are all full of fantastic music. So far I wouldn’t say 2011 has kept up, but I don’t know how you can keep up with a year like that. TV on the Radio, Thursday, The Dodos and Radiohead are leaded the way so far this year. We’ve made it through the big rush of concerts that I’m going to, and I’ve seen some great shows. I’m bummed that I will be missing most of the Twilight Concert Series because there are some great shows lined up. I’m missing that and several other concerts because I’m taking a four week trip to South Africa. Hopefully there will be a lot of great stuff to listen to once I get back. I don’t leave for another three weeks so don’t think you’re rid of me yet. I’ve got two more concerts lined up before I leave. Anywho, hears a rundown of my listens for 2011 according to Last.fm.

  1. Converge – 316
  2. Radiohead – 292
  3. The Dodos – 275
  4. Thursday – 266
  5. TV on the Radio – 236
  6. mewithoutYou – 235
  7. Portishead – 220
  8. The Microphones – 203
  9. The National – 195
  10. Menomena – 183

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