Broadening Their Horizons

This week held a great discovery on the interweb. I found a collection of singles pulled together by none other that Adult Swim. That’s right, now, not only do they offer you games to waste hours of your life (i.e. Robot Unicorn) and hilariously inappropriate cartoons (i.e. Venture Bros. and Aqua Teen Hunger Force), but now they are giving you music. The Adult Swim Singles Project is currently in it’s second year. It seems they release a song a week for a couple months and offer them all for free download on their website. Not only do they have all the songs from the singles project there, but also it looks like they’ve got music compilations from their shows. So if you’re a big fan of Metalocalypse you might want to check that out. Anywho back to the Singles Project. These collections seems to be hit and miss between artist I recognize (LCD Soundsystem, Madvillian, Washed Out) and those I don’t (Best Coast, Freddie Gibbs, High on Fire), but the 2010 compilation was great, and this year seems to be even better with singles from Mastodon and The Tallest Man on Earth. One song I keep coming back to listen to is Hanging On by Active Child who was a new discovery for me. The song truly mesmerizes me. It almost has the feel of some eighties post punk, but at the same time sounds pretty modern. The Tallest Man on Earth song is also a very solid track. Kristian Matsson just does his thing with some very soothing guitars, moving vocals and a heartwarming simplicity that can truly make him stand as the tallest man on earth. If you’re sick of the music you’ve been listening to I present this mish-mash of songs to you, there’s a little bit of everything for you and you can listen to it all and download the songs you like to freshen up your summer playlist.


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