Explosions in the Sky 7/14/2011 @ Pioneer Park

If any of you are near the Salt Lake area and haven’t heard about the Twilight Concert Series please, do yourself a favor and inform yourself about it. Free concerts. What more do I need to say. Okay, free concerts from fantastic bands. I’ve been able to see Iron & Wine, Bon Iver, Sonic Youth, Modest Mouse, Beirut, The Dodos and now Explosions in the Sky.  It’s a very cool thing that Salt Lake does for us. There are some other great bands on the lineup for this year like The Decemberists, Lupe Fiasco and more. So now that that is out of the way lets get to the show.

No Age was the opening band, and to be honest I missed most of their set but the bit I heard was enjoyable. They played noise-rock, garage rock kind of stuff. I would say there are bands out their doing what they do, but also doing it a bit better like Titus Andronicus or Japandroids. Then again it was kind of hard to get into missing most of their set.

Explosions were fantastic. I was a little disappointed before they came out because there was no piano to be seen on stage which ruled out hearing “What Do You Go Home To?” But I guess that is usually not one they play live very much anyway so it wasn’t that big of a letdown. I haven’t checked out their new album Take Care, Take Care, Take Care so there were a few songs they played that I didn’t recognize, but they played a good amount of songs that I knew pretty well and it was awesome. I’m pretty sure they opened the show playing “First Breath After Coma” and “The Only Moment We Were Alone” back to back. Later on they played ” The Birth and Death of the Day” and “Catastrophe and the Cure.” At the beginning of the show there was a harsh kind of metallic overtone to the guitars and it took them a little while for them to adjust whatever it is that needed adjusting. After that everything was pretty much smooth sailing and Explosions in the Sky gave the thousands in pioneer park a great show.

I want to throw in a little disclaimer. Because of the amount of people at the Twilight Concert Series, a little bit is lost in the experience. You don’t have the same intimacy with a band as you would in a smaller venue. Also because of the zero cost entrance fee there are a lot of people who come to these shows and you just know they have never heard of the bands playing and so you don’t get the same unity you would at a normal concert. Seriously there are a ton of people that come to these. last year featured Modest Mouse and the city guessed they had about thirty thousand people in attendance. That being said I think it’s awesome for the bands to come and play for us. It’s probably good for them to being able to expose their music to a lot of people and probably a lot of people who wouldn’t ever come across their music normally. So if you find yourself bored on a Thursday night in Salt Lake with nothing to do in the next month and a half head on down to pioneer park far a rocking good time.


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