The Dear Hunter & o’brother 7/19/2011 @ Kilby Court

Alright, so I’ve been gone for a month, but before I left I managed to squeeze in one more concert. I went back to the lovely little venue of Kilby Court to see o’brother and The Dear Hunter. The lineup was complimented with Naive Thieves and Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground. I’ve seen Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground and o’brother once before and The Dear Hunter twice so I had a decent idea of what to expect for this show.

Naive Thieves were a great opener. They played a pretty mellow pop/surfer rock that was hard not to love. They’ve got some songs up for free download on their bandcamp and sites. I would recommend you check those guys out. Next up was o’brother, and they were the big pull for me to go to this show. They also made it worth it. They’ve got a new album coming out some time in October and half of their set were songs from that upcoming release.  The first song they played was a bit surprising to me, it was a lot heavier than the previous songs they’ve written. It took me a little bit to warm up to the screaming, but about halfway through the song I accepted it and it was awesome. Then they played some of their older songs; Providence, Division of Man, and Ascension which was fantastic. They ended their set with three more songs off of their new album, two of which I’d already heard through splits and an Alter The Press compilation. They played Aurora and then a song I don’t know the name of yet, but could be a favorite of all the songs I’ve heard from their new album. The rhythm section was just bringing the house down and then they finished by playing Lay Down, which is another rocking song. There was only one problem while o’brother was playing, and that was that there was too much awesomeness. So much so in fact, that the poor mike trying to take in the vocals kept getting overloaded. After a while it got a little rough on the ears which was a shame because the vocals of o’brother are so unique that it was a bummer they weren’t in the mix like they should have been.

The awesomeness slowed down a bit after that with Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground. I’d seen them live before a couple of years ago and I remembered them being a bit underwhelming, but while they were setting up I was starting to hope that they might put on a better show tonight. Sadly I was left with underwhelming again. I find these guys to be kind of gimmicky. They’ve got a guy that plays the violin and a guy playing the tuba to try and add some not-so-standard things to the music, and you can’t help but want to like these guys. Then after you hear the music you can’t help but be disappointed because with all the different sounds that could have been you never heard anything that was really all that interesting or catchy. The Dear Hunter have been another band that have left me a bit underwhelmed. I’ve seen them twice before and both times I haven’t been all that impressed. They have just released nine EP’s in The Color Spectrum and I’d heard a lot of good things about that, so I was looking forward to hearing the ways The Dear Hunter have diversified their sound. The first half of their set left me worrying that this would end up just like the other times I saw this band, but then they played the fan favorites of The Church and the Dime and Red Hands and things started to pick up. The rest of the songs they played were really good and made me interested in checking out some of the color EP’s. It’s pretty crazy to me that they were able to release 36 new songs. It’s also pretty impressive. You can’t say that these guys don’t have ambition, and from what I’ve read they have a lot more still that they want to accomplish. More power to them.


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