Ron Paul

I’m gonna stray a bit from my music on this post and talk about politriks. I’m a hater of our current situation, I’m a hater of the two party system, and I’m huge hater of the media. I don’t like any of it. The sad part is if that people like me don’t get involved and try and make our voices heard nothing will ever change. So lately I’ve been trying to dive into this waist-high pile of refuse. I’ve been stepping lightly and letting John Stewart humor and inform me, it seemed like the least painful way to go. A few days ago John Stewart talked about Ron Paul being ignored by the media, then I had a couple of my friends tell me I should check him out. I finally got around to looking into Ron Paul, and I’m liking what I see. I don’t think Ron Paul cares about playing the political game. When he’s asked a question he knows where he stands. He doesn’t avoid any of the questions and he doesn’t change his answers. When the media does spend their time on Ron Paul they edit video clips to make him sound like a loony. At first some of his ideas and stands do seem a bit out there, but the more I see the more he makes sense. There are video’s from years ago, video’s where Ron Paul is warning us of the actions we took long ago that sent us into the mess that we are in now. I kid you not there is a video from 98 in which President Clinton’s impeachment is the topic and Ron Paul is upset because the charges against Clinton are for the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and Ron Paul thinks they should be for the bombing of Iraq and then proceeds to tell us that we’ve put ourselves at greater risk for terrorist attacks. This guy knows what he’s talking about and I think he will stand by his word and make the changes that he is promising. So there’s my two cents. As of now I think Ron Paul can count on my vote.


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