Blindside 9/15/2011 @ Club Sound

This is a concert that I have been waiting to see for nigh unto a decade now. Blindside was my favorite band all through high school, and the last time they came through (6 years ago) I was unable to make it. Nothing stopped me this time around. Before the show I met up with a high school buddy also going to the show and he gave me a little preview of one of the opening bands, Write This Down. I was impressed, because I hadn’t heard of either of the openers and didn’t really expect anything good from either one. Write This Down was pretty decent and I got that much more excited knowing that at least one of the openers wasn’t terrible. Sadly when we arrived to the show it is revealed to us that they will not be playing. A local band filled in their spot, I am the Ocean, and I don’t have much to say about them. There wasn’t anything really special about them except for the fact that they gave everyone a free poster. Intohimo were country mates of Blindside also hailing form Sweden. This did nothing to help their sound. Call me judgmental,  but everything about their appearance set them up for failure in my book, and things only got worse. First off they all looked like they were or wanted to be counselors for a summer bible camp. Their guitarist was the perfect stereotype for the ambiguously gendered thing, with it’s shoulder length hair, and deep-cut v-neck. All of that appearance stuff can be forgiven if the music is good right? Well they started playing and it didn’t help. How did this ever become cool or popular? These guys even made up their own move, they’d swing their guitars around in a circle up over their heads, the Guitar Around the World move. The drummer also got involved with the performance. He repeatedly would stand up on his little drummer stool Whenever I see that I can’t take it seriously. I receive some humorous entertainment out of it at how ridiculous they look while at the same time thinking they are hip and cool, but on the other hand it drives me crazy at how stupid it is. I know I haven’t talked much about their music, but I don’t want to. I didn’t enjoy it, it was pretty generic “Christian” screamo, post-hardcore, whatever you call it.

With Write This Down not showing up we got to Blindside a lot quicker than I was expecting and by no means was I going to complain about that. They played an awesome set with a good mix of new and old. Most of the songs were from Silence and About a Burning Fire with a few from With Shivering Hearts We Wait, which they released this year. They only played one song from The Great Depression, “My Alibi” which I thought was an interesting choice, and also “The Way You Dance” from the Black Rose EP. When they first started playing I was a bit nervous that, since high school, I might have outgrew these guys. It was a bit of a ridiculous thought to think since I still listen to them quite a bit, but my concerns were put to rest by the awesome performance. I was also relieved that they never played “Monster on the Radio” which was the lead single off of their new album and maybe the only song in their discography that I can flat-out say I dislike. Some of my favorite songs they played were “Sleepwalking,” “Cold,” “After You’re Gone,” “About a Burning Fire,” and “Pitiful.” It was a fantastic show and I hope it’s not another eight years before I see them again.


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