Thrice have been around for over a decade now, and they’ve come a long way from where they started. With the recent release of Major/Minor they’ve stretched themselves once again, and have come up with something fresh. That alone amazes me, not only do they consistently change their sound, but they manage to do it all the while staying relevant, and on Major/Minor it never feels like their out of their element. Back in the Vhiessu and Alchemy Index times thrice got very progressive and really pushed their sound forward, but here I think they’ve simplified things. They broke rock down to its basics and went with that.

The music Thrice has crafted here is bluesy rock. There is nothing left of their hardcore roots, but the core of Thrice is still there. If you liked Beggars  you should really enjoy Major/Minor. When I first listened to it I was almost thinking this was a Beggars 2.0 but now I’m leaning towards calling Beggars  the beta to Major/Minor. There is more of a soul on this album, and maybe that’s why it seems to fit more with the blues. Dustin’s lyrics are powerful and moving, christian themes have showed up many times before, but it’s all throughout this album. And his delivery of those lyrics is pitch-perfect. “Treading Paper” is a song that features some fantastic work from the rhythm section, and from that song till the end the album is nearly flawless in my eyes. My favorite song as of now would probably have to go to “Words in the Water.” It features a huge and powerful chorus that does all the right things for me, and lucky enough for you it is being offered as a free download. So go listen to it and download it here.


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