St. Vincent 10/10/2011 @ The Urban Lounge

This was a concert I’d been pretty excited about for a while, and I must say that the excitement paid off. Cate Le Bon was our opener for the night. Sadly she wasn’t all that much to be excited about. The premise of her little solo excursion is neat and could have a lot of potential, just her and her guitar belting out some heartfelt folky tunes. Her voice was nice and charming with what I’m assuming was a french accent, but her guitar playing and songwriting let quite a bit to desired. If you like really low-fi stuff you’d probably enjoy her, but I got bored. She never really did anything all that interesting or exciting. My buddy decided that she sounded like she was from Jefferson Airplane, and wholeheartedly agreed. After that all I wanted to do was shout out “Play White Rabbit”. I never got the nerve to do it though, and her set seemed to end pretty quickly. Then the wait for awesomeness ensued. It turned out to be a substantial wait, but eventually she did come on. Right from the get go you knew this was going to be an awesome show. She opened us off with “Cruel,” and all I could think was wow. This lady knows how to play her guitar, I mean she really shreds. The guitar seen above was short one string by the end of the night. The solos from some of her newer songs were all awesome, and there were a couple times where I thought missing a string might mess up some of her solos. She just improvised her way out of it and it still sounded awesome. She played almost every song from her new release Strange Mercy, “Actor Out of Work”, “Marrow”, and “Just the Same but Brand New” from Actor, she even played a cover of The Pop Group, a late seventies, early eighties, british, post-punk band. That song was rocking, and showed off an edgier side of Annie Clark that you don’t really hear on her albums. I wouldn’t mind hearing that peak through a little bit more. She finished her encore with Your Lips Are Red which was amazing. It was already one of my favorite songs by her and the live version was spiced up a bit and a perfect way to end the night, and one of the best concerts I’ve been to.


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