Opeth @ The Complex 10/24/2011

This was the first metal show I had been to in years and I wasn’t all that sure what to expect. I’d learned that I wasn’t as familiar with Opeth’s discography as I would have liked, and I hadn’t heard any of Katatonia. Katatonia set the mood with sounds that seemed like satellite transmissions over top some ambient guitars and they that that run for a couple minutes before they took to the stage. They started their set off with a couple of slower paced songs which I really enjoyed. Then they played a few songs that were faster and heavier and seemed to me more generic and less interesting. The lead singer, while not a very having a particularly great voice by himself, did fit in with music and at times tricked you into thinking this guy was a decent singer. I’ve also got to talk about his hair, he had long dark hair and it covered his face for pretty much the whole set. It looked like cousin it was singing to us. Towards the end of their set they played a few more songs that got me engaged in their show a bit more than the middle of their set and overall they put on an enjoyable performance.

I was really curious to see what songs Opeth would play. I’ve only got two albums by them, Blackwater Park and Damnation, and I’d listened to a stream of Heritage a couple of times. When you consider that Heritage was their tenth release it’s easy to see that I’m not as familiar with them as I should be, but I knew that I loved Mikael Akerfeldt’s voice and their guitar work was incredible as well, and I knew these guys were a band I needed to see live. They lived up to my hype. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t play any songs from Blackwater Park, but they made the songs from Heritage rock harder than I remember them rocking, and in the middle of the set they slowed things down to play a few songs on the acoustic guitars. “Closure” was one of those songs which was really awesome to behold. The whole night Mikael really belted it out and showed me just how good of a singer he was. I didn’t hear him do his death growl at all though, and the fact that they didn’t play any songs of of Blackwater Park make me a little suspicious that maybe he can’t anymore. I hope that’s not the case because I think it adds a lot to their music when they transition from very aggressive and heavy sections to lighter melodic sections. Anyway the show was great, in fact it was pure awesomeness. Now all I need to do is acquire more of their music.


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