Weekly Dig 2/26-3/3

CunninLynguists- A Piece of Strange

 I was pretty hesitant to post this album up and give the lynguists two weeks in a row of dig, but they have really been all I have been listening to, and in the end I could not deny them. As much as I was loving on Oneirology last week I’m going to say that A Piece of Strange is better. This album focuses on a main theme like Oneirology, questioning modern morality while not trying to paint things black and white, but offers a little more diversity in the moods and samples throughout. The opening track “Where Will You Be?” greets us with an acoustic guitar with a nice little run of arpeggios, and that guitar pops up in later songs as well. “Nothing to Give,” has its beats and rapping complimented with some great piano work. Along with Oneirology, this album features some great guests spots. “The Gates” has Tonedef taking the role a firefighter trying to get into Heaven, but being rejected by Deacon discussing the actions taken by Tonedef in his life. The back and forth element between those two pays off exceptionally well. Another standout track is the previously mentioned “Nothing to Give” which has Deacon and Natti trade verses about the night life in their neighborhood when “late at night, the bad don’t seem so wrong.” A Piece of Strange is again full of thoughtful well written lyrics and fantastic beats. It’s doesn’t come of quite as dark or atmospheric as Oneirology, but like I said earlier I think this album edges out Cunninlynguists newest release.


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