Weekly Dig 3/4 – 3/10

Defeater – Empty Days and Sleepless Nights

It’s hard for me to imagine a more depressing story than the one Defeater have presented here. It’s centered around a family post WWII and is a continuation from their previous album Travels. Well, not so much of a continuation, but the story told from the elder son’s point of view. Defeater wanted to tell the world about the dark underside of the times after the war and with two albums full of drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, hate and anger, I think they got their point across. “White Oak Doors” was the song that got me looking closely at the lyrics, with it’s abrupt end. In what seems  to be the middle of a great buildup the song ends so suddenly that I kept thinking there was something wrong with the version I was listening to, but after discovering the depth of the story the anti-climax is really brilliant. The second disc features four acoustic tracks that show a little more hopeful side to this struggling family, but in the end it just makes the sadness even more potent knowing the demise that is coming. The story telling behind this group is really breaking new ground in the hardcore scene, and I know I didn’t really talk about it much, but the music really is quality right along with the story and helps land this album as my dig of the week.


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