Weekly Dig 3/11 – 3/17

This Will Destroy You – Tunnel Blanket

“Who is the band?”

“This Will Destroy You.”

“Really, that’s there name?’

Every time this little scenario pops up I can’t help but get a smile on my face, it’s pretty awesome to drop this name, and for me it’s never gotten old. Unfortunately to some people their music does, which I can understand. It is pretty minimal and they incorporate a lot of ambient influence into their post-rock which ultimately leads to some people getting bored.  On Tunnel Blanket there is a new influence thrown in to spice things up a little more, and it hits full force just a couple minutes into the opening of the album. “Little Smoke” begins the album very quietly setting a very peaceful mood, and then a roaring distorted guitar comes pulsating in, as the rest of the band swells giving the song a very doom metal feel to it all. The song eventually calms back down giving us a beautiful calming end as things come full circle. Tunnel Blanket feels like a more focused release from this little band from Texas, and it came at a time when I thought they were losing their relevancy in the scene, but here they come to show us all their not done yet.


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