Weekly Dig 9/23-9/29

Menomena – Moms

ImageIt’s been somewhat of a worrisome wait for this release. I say that because very soon after Menomena’s  last album Mines this trio became a duo. Now most people, at least those familiar with Menomena, are probably wondering how much losing Brent affected the music they write. Well, things are a different, but Moms delivers another very enjoyable listen just like what you’ve come to expect from this band be it a duo or a trio. Moms is darker than previous albums. It is more focused and has more to tell us than what we might have thought coming from a Menomena album, and while sometimes I miss the quirkiness, just about everything benefits from the tighter song structures and deeper meanings. Maybe it’s not as good as old Menomena, maybe it’s better, I’m not too sure right now, but it’s definitely a great collection of tunes.


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