About Me

I’m a computer engineering student at Utah State University. I love music, and I’ve decided to create this blog to share with any of you who care to check it out. Occasionally non-music related posts might make it on here as well.

My musical tastes have come a long ways. In Jr. High and High School I was fed by the local hard rock radio station. My buddies and I also listened to some post-hardcore stuff, Thursday, Blindside, Coheed and Cambria and what have you. That mainstream rock and metal was the core of my musical tastes until I moved on to college. Once there I moved on to some indie folk. Neutral Milk Hotel and The Decemberists help me break my pigeonholed tastes. Now after a few years at college I like to think that there is no type of music that I will not listen to. There is good music in just about every genre, sometimes it just takes a while to find. I tend to listen to a little bit more of the out there kind of stuff, but I’m always on the hunt for new music.

I’m a somewhat active user at sputnikmusic.com, an elite group of music nerds who like to think they know what they’re talking about. It’s a great place for music reviews.

and if your really really curious to see all I’m listening to here is my last.fm page


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