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Weekly Dig 2/24-3/2

The Lumineers – The Lumineers
The Lumineers The Lumineers seem to have been really blowing up recently so they might not be all that new to some of you, but if you haven’t heard of them, this indie folk group is worth a few listens. Back a couple years ago when Mumford and Sons boomed into super stardom and showed the world that folk music could be super popular, it gave some room for bands like this. And while The Lumineers are lacking a finger-plucking banjo, they do have a few tracks that rock out with a mandolin. They also have a cello and occasionally sport the accordion which allows them to avoid their songs blurring together and make their debut an easy listen. If your still not convinced to give these guys a shot give The Lumineers a chance to convince you themselves and watch them play the two strongest tracks from their album “Ho Hey” and “Stubborn Love.”


Weekly Dig 2/17 – 2/23

Local Natives – Hummingbird

HummingbirdHummingbird  is Local Natives long awaited follow-up impressive debut, Gorilla Manor. The band has taken the time between albums to refine their sound and they have shown that they have some staying power. Their second album seems a little more somber or subdued. There aren’t any tracks on this album as charged as ‘Sun Hands’ was from Gorilla Manor, but that doesn’t mean that Hummingbird lacks potency. In fact I would say that Hummingbird just edges out their debut as a better album, it seems more consistent and more relevant. It’s not that their sound has changed much, you’ll still find the great vocal harmonies, and instrumentation (I especially enjoy their drumming.) The lead single ‘Breakers’ hooks you in with some gorgeous Oo’s, and along with some brightly toned guitar work, gives a great taste of what to expect from the rest of the album. “You & I” and “Heavy Feet” are some other tracks I would strongly recommend.

Here’s Something

James Blake ‘Retrograde’

‘Retrograde’ is the first single off of the upcoming sophomore album from James Blake, Overgrown. From what you just listened to (hopefully you listened to it or else why even come to this page?)  it sounds like it’s going to be a worthy follow up. His mix of soul and dubstep/electronica is the perfect chillin’ music, and is soothing to my soul. Also did I mention that this music video is also pretty cool. You should probably watch it again.

Foxy Shazam @ The Urban Lounge 10/6/2012

For so long I’d heard so many great things about Foxy’s live show, and watched several youtube videos to back it up, finally I got to experience it first hand. Now I can tell you without a doubt that Foxy Shazam’s live show lives up to all the hype. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more energetic performance.  These guys are bottled lightning.  Eric Nally, the lead singer, and Schuyler White, the keyboardist, were the two to watch. Eric was all over the stage, doing handstands, jumping onto the back of the guitarist(while he was soloing) and snagging a piggy back ride, rolling around on the floor, hanging from the rafters, and eating cigarettes. Yes you read that right, the man ate cigarettes, somewhere between 7-9, he even lit them up before he chomped them down. Throughout the show he threw some anecdotal wisdom at us such as “The only difference between me and a scholar is how much we paid for our knowledge,” and “Being in a church makes you as much a christian as standing in a garage makes you a car,” which was just more silliness. Sky on the other hand was always near his keyboard, which wasn’t as stationary as you would expect. Sometimes he climbed up on his keyboard, and sometime he let his keyboard climb up him, hoisting it up on his back, or handing it to the crowd  to hold up (along with himself) while he jammed out. Yeah, I’d never seen a keyboardist play his keyboard while he and his keyboard were both crowd surfing either. Even with all these shenanigans they still managed to play music, and even sound pretty good too. They played “Unstoppable,” “Red Cape Diver,” “Yes, Yes, Yes,” and “I like it” and a lot of other tunes from their newest album. I would have liked to have heard more songs from Introducing, but it’s kind of hard to complain about the show I beheld. After he ate the cigarettes and crunched out a few pull-ups from the rafters, and put a cymbal on his head Eric told us “I wish I had mirror so I could see what I look like when I sing.” and then dropped his mike and was done for the night. I think everyone should see what he looks like when he sings because it is something beyond just a concert and more of a spectacle.

Weekly Dig 9/23-9/29

Menomena – Moms

ImageIt’s been somewhat of a worrisome wait for this release. I say that because very soon after Menomena’s  last album Mines this trio became a duo. Now most people, at least those familiar with Menomena, are probably wondering how much losing Brent affected the music they write. Well, things are a different, but Moms delivers another very enjoyable listen just like what you’ve come to expect from this band be it a duo or a trio. Moms is darker than previous albums. It is more focused and has more to tell us than what we might have thought coming from a Menomena album, and while sometimes I miss the quirkiness, just about everything benefits from the tighter song structures and deeper meanings. Maybe it’s not as good as old Menomena, maybe it’s better, I’m not too sure right now, but it’s definitely a great collection of tunes.

I’m back..

So I was really lazy over the summer. I went to a few really amazing concerts, Sigur Ros, Regina Spektor, mewithoutYou, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thrice, and maybe a couple more. Hopefully I’ll get around to posting about a few of those. I don’t know what it was I just didn’t really work on this blog at all. Now that school is back in session, and I’ve got more of a normal routine I should be pretty regular on the content again. I’ve even started looking into my favorite albums again. There’s a lot that’s changed there but hopefully I can get some more of those albums up for you guys to check out. So, yeah… look for more new content again starting with a new weekly dig.  Lianne La Havas is pretty great and it’s hard for me to imagine people out there that wouldn’t like it, and I mean that every person in the whole world should like what they hear from her, because it’s just good stuff.

Weekly Dig 9/16 – 9/22

Lianne La Havas – Is Your Love Big Enough?

Here is a video you should watch. It features, up and coming singer songwriter, Lianne la Havas strolling through the streets of Paris belting out her soulful, folky music. That was all I needed to see to get hooked. Is Your Love Big Enough? continues to showcase Leanne’s talent for songwriting with slow jazzy songs like “Lost & Found,” and upbeat funky songs like the title track “Is Your Love Big Enough?,” and everything in between. Clearly this girl is a very talented guitar player and a great singer and I think this album is a fantastic collection of songs that could lead to some big things in the future for Lianne La Havas.