Favorite Bands

  1. Thrice
    Dustin Kensrue- Vocals, Guitar
    Teppei Teranishi- Guitar, Piano
    Eddie Breckenridge- Bass
    Riley Breckenridge-Drums
    Thrice got together in 1998 in Irvine California. They made a name for themselves playing post-hardcore and setting the standard that everyone looks to as to what a post-hardcore album should be. Thrice has rarely sat idle and continue to push themselves and expand their boundaries becoming more of a progressive rock band of late.
  2. mewithoutYou
     Aaron Weiss- Vocals, Guitar, Accordion, Trumpet
    Michael Weiss- Guitars
    Christopher Kleinberg- Guitars
    Greg Jehanian- Bass
    Rick Mazzotta- Drums
    Starting as a side project where Aaron Weiss wanted to try something a little out of the norm, mewithoutYou quickly became a more feasible group than their original, which happened to be all the same guys.  Originating somewhere near post-hardcore this band has broken all the molds as they have settled into the indie side of things. They are known for their intelligent lyrics, great rhythm section, and unconventional song structure, and not to mention Aaron’s unique vocal delivery.
  3.  Radiohead
    Thom Yorke- Vocals, Guitar, Piano
    Jonny Greenwood- Guitars
    Ed O’Brien- Guitars
    Colin Greenwood-Bass
    Phil Selway-Drums
    For some reason I didn’t get into Radiohead until after they released In Rainbows. This little quintet formed in 1985 as an alternative rock band. At the turn of the century Radiohead’s sound underwent a great change as well. They began experimenting with electronic sounds and their next few albums were heavily influenced by this experimentation. They have been hugely influential in the music industry and I think they’ll eventually be on a level similar with The Beatles.
  4. Godspeed You! Black Emperor
    Effrim Menuck- Guitar, Piano
    Mike Moya- Guitar
    David Bryant- Guitar, Tapes
    Sophie Trudeau- Violin
    Thierry Amar- Bass
    Mauro Pezzente- Bass
    Bruce Cowdron- Drums
    Aidan Girt- Drums, Percussion
    Godspeed are a mystery inside of an enigma. From 2003-2010 they were on an indefinite-hiatus, and the day they announced they were getting back together was incredible. Godspeed became the standard of the Post-Rock scene and nobody can escape comparison to them because they are the best. Desolate and haunting at times, yet triumphant and beautiful at others they create some incredibly moving music.
  5.  Blindside
    Christian Lindskog- Vocals
    Simon Grenehed- Guitars
    Thomas Naslund- Bass
    Marcus Dahlstrom- Drums
    Blindside was my favorite band all through high school. They started out playing hardcore punk and after a couple albums switched to more of a post-hardcore sound, and there they’ve stayed. Christian’s vocals are some of my favorite, and combined with the rest of the guys they craft some great tunes.

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