Priority List

A running list of the next five albums I have my eye on. In order to not blow all of my money on music, I try to limit myself to two albums a month. If there is something you think I would like give me a rec and you might see it on this list in the future

Crippled Black Phoenix- I, Vigilante (2010):

Do Make Say Think’s  A With Living and Yndi Halda’s Dash and Blast have infused a love in me of post-rock songs with vocals. This could be an album of too much of a good thing, because as I understand it all, or almost all of the songs here feature Joe Volk blowing his pipes

Preview a song at grooveshark:

We Forgotten Who We Are

Janelle Monae- Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase (2008)

This is the intro to the futuristic world that we got to see so much of in the ArchAndroid, and it’s about time I had this for my listening pleasure. She really puts no bounds on her music and it lets us experience something unique. There is much more of an actual story going on here than I realized when first hearing Miss Monae watching this video might just raise more questions.

Hosannas- Together (2010)

These guys opened for Menomena in a show I went to a few months back and they were pretty awesome. They have a couple of E.P.’s for free download on their bandcamp site and also you can stream this album as well there. I think it’s about time I give these guys a little more support.


The Tallest Man on Earth- Shallow Graves (2008)

Kristian Mattson (a.k.a. The Tallest Man) makes some music that is hyper-charged with feeling and emotion. His release last year, The Wild Hunt, has become one of my favorite records of all time. His songwriting is pure genius. Sure, his voice might be a little weird and take some getting used to, but once you are used to it you’ll be enjoying some seriously awesome music. Watch this swede live up to his reputation.

A Tribe Called Quest- Midnight Marauders (1993)

There isn’t a whole lot that is cooler than Hip-Hop from the golden era (the early 90’s). The Tribe is a group that is the cream of the crop from that era. The Low End Theory convinced me of this and now I want to expand my collection of this jazzy crew.


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